Review: “Made Of Stars,” a Short Story by Anne Frasier

by Jason Varrone

Rating: 5 STARS

Genre: Fantasy (paranormal)

Type of Story: Short Story

Summary: A genius vampire named Sinclair creates an alternate world where vampires can experience a traditional human life of love, marriage, and children. Sixteen-year-old Gabriel is Sinclair’s beta tester and volunteers to fall in love with a coffee shop girl. But when the pain of love becomes overwhelming, Gabriel wonders about his decision. “It’s too real,” he tells Sinclair. “You made it too real.”

Review: Phenomenal. That is the only way to describe Anne Frasier’s short story “Made Of Stars,” only the second story to be awarded 5 stars at Short Fiction Spotlight. It is a story that will touch you, a great twist on the paranormal (vampire) genre that will stick with you for days after finishing it.

Young vampire Gabriel agrees to beta test the alternate world creations of Sinclair, a brilliant vampire trying to perfect his experiment. Things turn all too real for Gabriel as he experiences the full breadth of human emotion.

Anne uses two points of view within this story, that of Gabriel and Lila, the woman Gabriel involves in his alternate reality. Doing this helps us understand the motivations of each character, and the bits of characterization she sprinkles in is perfect for this story length. The story flows beautifully, with no annoying exposition or unnecessary background added that takes away from the story arc. Anne does add some background information in chapter two and a few other areas, but it is necessary for the story to move ahead and does not detract from its flow.

Anne’s writing style is clear and concise, easy to understand and imagine what is taking place. Here is a passage from the point of view of Gabriel:

At sixteen, there is so much promise. At sixteen, we are on the precipice of our lives. We don’t know what those lives will hold, but excitement thrums in our veins. For the unknown. For the magic of the future. And like the true humans, we want to meet someone special.

Anne’s description of Gabriel experiencing the various emotions as he watches his alternate reality family go through life is extraordinary. I found myself thinking of this story days later, and it reminded me to never take those I love for granted.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of Anne Frasier’s “Made Of Stars” today via the cover link or text link below. You will not regret it.

Available at: Amazon

Author Sites: Website, Facebook

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