Review: “The Man With A Plan,” a Short Story by Rick Haynes

by Jason Varrone

Rating: 3 STARS

Genre: Fantasy

Type of Story: Short Story

Summary: Peter Simson is a late 30s nobody. He yearns to make something of his wasted life. A strange meeting with an odd looking stranger shows him the way. The Man, has a Plan. However Peter is drawn into the murky world of the unknown, as his personal roller-coaster takes him on an unforgettable journey to the very edge of the abyss. Who is The Man? Will his devious ideas lead to Peter achieving his desire, or will they corrupt the very essence of his existence? As the darker side of life rears its ugly head, you should heed the warning. Be careful what you wish for!

Review: “The Man With A Plan” is a well written short story about a desperate man’s deal with a demon and the consequences that arise.

The story started rather slowly, with a lot of description that was not needed. The tension took some time to generate, but once it did, the story got moving, leading to a satisfying conclusion. The dialogue flowed well, but the pace of the story could have been quickened if the descriptive writing was toned down a bit. Written in the first person, the story had a lot of inner feelings and dialogue described throughout, which was all told rather than shown.

I enjoyed this story, shortcomings or not.

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Author Site: Website

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One Comment to “Review: “The Man With A Plan,” a Short Story by Rick Haynes”

  1. Hello Jason, thank you very much for reviewing The Man With a Plan and I am pleased that you enjoyed it, even with the shortcomings. I note all of your comments and will use them in a positive fashion to improve my writing skills. It’s a funny old world as the original story was less descriptive and thus shorter. A reviewer suggested that the story would have more depth if Peter Simson’s character had more meat on the bones. Ces’t la vie! I take you point about the pace of the book, especially as it is a short story rather than a novella. I think it may be best for me to re-write this but in your experience is this the best course of action or is it wiser to move on to other projects. I want to learn and improve as much as I can so your input would be appreciated.
    Thank you once again for your advice.
    Rick Haynes

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