Review: “Paradox,” a Short Story by Mark Gardner

by Jason Varrone

Rating: 4 STARS

Genre: Science Fiction

Type of Story: Short Story

Summary: What if you couldn’t die? How would you spend your eternity? Thousands of deaths and the only constant for Adam is a mysterious woman – and the knowledge that he saves a life every time he dies.

Review: Now that was a fun ride.

Mark Gardner’s “Paradox” is a great short story about a man given a device that transports him across time and space. The kicker is that he must die each time to get there.

The story started out wonderfully, with immediate tension drawing me into the tale. It continued from there, in short chunks of narrative, as the exploits of the main character, who we come to know as Adam later on, are revealed. We get to see how he changes over the story, how his ethics change for the better.

Mark’s writing is excellent, with just enough description thrown in to make it easy for the reader the understand the scene, but not overdone to kill the pacing of the story. Dialogue felt natural, and all in all this was an excellent story. The ending seemed a bit anticlimactic, but understandable.

I could see this being turned into a series or serial of some sort, and I would be an eager purchaser if that were done.

Available at: Amazon

Author Site: Website

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3 Comments to “Review: “Paradox,” a Short Story by Mark Gardner”

  1. Question – How do you choose shorts to review? Thanks! :)

  2. Jason,
    Don’t tell anyone this, but there are two more stories left to tell. You’ll be the first to review them…

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